Junior Judo


Our Jr Judo classes are ideal for helping children develop Confidence Our Jr Judo classes are ideal for helping children develop Confidence, Focus, and Discipline. They are also a terrific and fun way to help your child improve his or her Physical Fitness. These classes are very high energy and the kids rarely sit still for long!

Our program is built around the art of Judo which teaches many effective throwing and ground grappling techniques.

It is our goal to help our students develop strong, positive character traits. Such as Focus, and Discipline, and respect. Junior Judo classes are designed for ages 8-14

Questions & Answers

What is the main difference between Judo and Jujutsu?
  • Judo is the modern scientific application of selected Jujutsu techniques that may be practiced for self-development, physical education and sport. Jujutsu retains more dangerous self defense techniques, while Judo can generally be practiced with full force and complete safety.
What is the difference between Judo and Taekwondo?
  • These are very different martial arts that tend to complement each other. Typically, in Judo there are no strikes (kicks or punches). Judo focuses on Throwing techniques ground fighting techniques and submission techniques. Learning both of these martial arts separately can develop a balanced martial artist. We have many students who train in both.