Board Breaking Championship

Event included many benefits :

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Show off
2 hours

Time to show favorite technique and break real wood boards.

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Bring Your Family and Friends
2 hours

Performing the form in front of your family and friends

About Event

At Kim’s Martial Arts every year we have a board breaking and forms competition at our location in Collierville, TN.

Both of our locations come together and compete in board breaking and Poomsae (form). This is a great way to demonstrate your ability and skills in front of your peers. Our board breaking championship is very exciting and a lot of fun for our students. Students get to choose their favorite technique and try their best to break real wood boards. Student quickly learn the importance of good clean technique. Without proper technique, the board is unlikely to break. This reemphasizes the importance of good training and always improving their various techniques.

Our Forms competition is also very fun and exciting. Students get to perform a form which is a pattern of techniques and movements. Forms are judged based on memorization, technique, power and beauty. This competition encourages and teaches our students the importance of paying attention to detail and the confidence to perform well in front of their peers and other students. We divide the competition into categories. Beginner, intermediate and advanced. Any students interested are welcome to attend either or both tournaments.